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Create your own exclusive paid membership program. Customers pay you a monthly fee. In return, your store offers exclusive perks, discounts and rewards.

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Unlock the Power of Paid Membership Communities for Your Shopify Store

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your brand and transform casual customers into passionate superfans? Subamplify is the game-changer you've been looking for, designed to help merchants like you create an exclusive paid membership program that drives revenue growth, fosters brand loyalty, and supercharges your online store's success.

In a nutshell, this is how it works. Customers pay you a monthly or annual fee in exchange for exclusive perks, discounts and rewards. You literally don't have to do any extra hard work to grow your monthly subscription revenue, compared to something like a subscription box.

Our feature-rich Shopify app empowers you to create this paid membership program that rewards customer loyalty, incentivizes repeat purchases, and deepens the connection between your brand and its most ardent supporters. Dive in and discover how Subamplify can elevate your online store to new heights.

Increases Monthly Recurring Revenue

By charging a monthly or annual fee for membership, your business can generate a steady stream of income, helping to stabilize cash flow and support growth.

Recurring Revenue

Deeper Customer Loyalty

An exclusive membership program can foster stronger relationships between customers and your brand. Offering unique benefits and rewards can create an emotional connection that increases customer retention and loyalty.


More Repeat Purchases

Your members are highly incentivized to make repeat purchases and spend more from your store, rather than your competitors. This results in a higher customer lifetime value.

Discount Incentives

Increased Engagement

Offering members-only content, events, and promotions can keep customers engaged and involved with your brand, encouraging further purchases and referrals.

Adding Members Only Content

Enhanced Brand Image

Offering a premium membership experience can elevate your brand's image, positioning it as an industry leader and attracting new customers.

Paid Membership Communities

Built by founders who have grown a 7-figure e-commerce store

We help brands win because we've been in the trenches ourselves. In fact, we've grown our own online store to over 7-figures in subscription revenue. Everything we've learned has been put into Subamplify.

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Platinum Plan
  • Turn customers into superfans by offering exclusive benefits through a paid membership.
  • Customers can self-manage their own membership including cancelling or pausing their subscription.
  • Automatically handle failed subscription payments through our built-in follow up dunning system.
  • View all subscription orders and customers from your merchant dashboard.

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