Subamplify Features

Sell Both Physical & Digital Products

Whether you integrate Subamplify with your existing store or use Subamplify as your complete all-in-one ecommerce platform, you can sell both physical & digital products.

Your customers can add both types of products to the same cart & checkout easily & effortlessly.

Digital products are delivered through a built-in members area, locked down by a customer's username and password.

Easily Sell Different Subscription Models

Create recurring revenue by turning any product into a subscription.

For example, let's say you sell skin care. You can take any existing skin care product & add a subscription to it. Customers can now buy your skincare on a weekly or monthly subscription.

Or you might sell a subscription box like we do. Or you might also sell a digital subscription product too. We've got you covered!

Reduce People Cancelling

Reduce the number of people cancelling their subscriptions by giving them the option of pausing their subscription for a set time period, instead of cancelling.

And then if they want to restart their subscription earlier, customers can unpause their subscription. 

We also have dunning built in. This is when a person's subscription renews and the payment fails. Subamplify automatically sends them an email with a secure link to easily update their payment card details.

Reduce Customer Service

Customers can update their shipping address, update payment details & download invoices through a dedicated members area for your store.

Customers can also cancel or pause their subscription within this members area. And if they want to restart their subscription earlier, they can unpause their subscription.

Add Value & Build a Community

Increase sales & add value to your customers by offering digital content as a bonus when they purchase a physical product.

All set up through a locked down members area for your store.

In fact, you can also create & sell digital subscriptions as well.

Maximize Sales

Increase how much customers spend by offering a value add product that compliments their purchase with a simple checkbox. We call this an order bump.

Our checkout page has also been completely optimized based on split testing. It will significantly increase your conversion rate of turning browsers into buyers.

Abandoned cart recovery is also built in with Subamplify. Send emails to recover lost checkouts & allow customers to continue where they left off.

Reduce friction in the buyer journey with the ability for your customers to reorder any previous order.

No Tech Skills Required

Subamplify is built for non-techies.

Never again have to install, uninstall, customize third-party apps so that they can all play nice together & finally do what you want them to do.

Never again have to pay a monthly subscription for each third-party app on top of what you're already paying.