About Us

Subamplify is the fastest, simplest way to grow your ecommerce business through subscriptions. We make it easy for you to add subscription options to your online store, and handle all the complex behind-the-scenes logic for you. 

With Subamplify, you can focus on what you do best: making great products and building a successful business. Our mission is to help ecommerce brands scale their business through the power of subscriptions.

Meet Our Team

Douglas Lim

CEO & Co-Founder

Tom Dallimore

CTO & Co-Founder

Sarah Lim


Allan Phin

Web Designer

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you add a $30K+ per month recurring revenue stream to your ecommerce store.

Once-off sales is the most common straightforward business model that almost all ecommerce stores follow.

You have a product, customer buys from you, you deliver the product. Simple stuff, right?

Having been in the trenches ourselves of running an ecom store, we've found that it's not as simple as this might seem.

Building a sustainable business based on one-off sales is very difficult.

You might have a great month of sales, but then come the first day of the following month, you are back to $0 in revenue. You have to build it back up.

BUT, imagine if you had 200 subscribers paying you $30 per month. Then the next month rolls in, you've now got $6K coming in.

Let's put some hustle muscle in & get that to 1000 subscribers paying you $30 per month. You've now got $30K coming in each month!

See how that changes everything for your business. You now have a stable revenue stream coming in each month. You know that you've got cash to pay yourself, staff, inventory & a fulfillment company.

We want to help you achieve that. It's our mission. To help you add a $30K+ per month recurring revenue stream to your business.